We offer a full range of repairs for all types of bikes.  We’ve listed prices for a variety of popular repairs below, but we are always happy to offer a quote for your individual requirements.    Please Contact Us or call and we’ll be delighted to help.


There is nothing better then have crisp gears that change smoothly. Why not give your drivetrain some TLC?

  • Chain Degrease- £7
  • Chain Lubrication- £5
  • Installation Of a New Chain – £7
  • Gear Cable Replacement – £10 (per cable)
  • Gear Indexing – £25 (includes front and rear derailleur)
  • Complete Drivetrain Replacement – £60 (include cable routing and gear indexing)


Wheels can be really complicated. Luckily we are here to help. We have a range of repairs to keep your two wheels turning.

  • Punture Repair – £7
  • Tyre Fitting – £10 (per tyre)
  • Converting To Tubeless – £12 (per tyre)
  • Wheel Truing – £20 (per wheel)
  • Wheel Building – Contact Us
  • Wheel Hub Service – £20 (per hub)
  • Wheel Bearing Replacement – £30 (per set of bearing)
  • Free Hub Replacement – £30
  • Free Hub Service – £30


Your brakes are one of the most important components on your bike. It pays to keep them in great condition.

  • Brake Cable Replacement – £10 (per cable) 
  • Brake Pad Replacement – £5 (per set)
  • Disc Brake Replacement – £15 (per disc)
  • Brake Service – £35 (without bleed) 
  • Brake Bleed – £20 (per brake)
  • V and Calliper Brake Installation- £35 (includes cable routing – per brake)
  • Disc Brake Installation – £50 (includes cable routing and bleed – per brake)


We are all guilty of neglecting our suspension until there is something wrong. Let’s change that!

  • Fork Lower Leg Service
  • Air Shock Oil Change
  • Pivot Bearing Replacement 
  • Fork Replacement 
  • Shock Replacement
  • Dropper Post installation 

As there are many different types of suspensions we offer quotes for suspension repairs upon request. 


They may fall under our others category but all these are still important parts of your bike that need servicing regularly.

  • Headset Service – £30
  • Bottom Bracket Service – £30
  • Cockpit Set-up – £5
  • Suspension Set-up – £5
  • Bar Tape Replacement – £7

Maybe you want to combine getting some repairs done with a service? This is a popular option, as people may have identified a component or two that needs repairing. But also want to get a quick service done to the rest of their bike whilst it is in the workshop.

All work is carried out by Cytech trained mechanics.