Creating Disc Brake Spacers

You can buy disc brake spacers online. However, the reality is that they are only bits of plastic. Creating Disc Brake Spacers yourself is easy and all you need is a milk bottle.  Why not give it a go?

Most disc brake rotors are 1.85mm thick (be sure to check width of your rotors). To create a spacer we need to make something that will fit where the rotor was. To create our spacer we have used a milk bottle.  You could possibly also use cardboard or tin foil but we find plastic ones more durable.

The Method

First, take out your brake pads or get some old or new ones. Place them next to each other on a section of milk bottle. Then trace round them using a permanent marker. 

You will also need to cut an additional piece of plastic to add sufficient thickness. 

Next, stick the spacer on the inside of one of the pads. To do this we used super glue. 

To hold the 2 sections together we have put a small hole through both of the top tabs. We then a small cable tie through and pulled it tight. 

Then cut off the tail of your cable tie and you have a disc brake spacer.

Disc Brake Spacers

We measured our spacer to be 1.9mm thick which is perfect.  We’d highly recommend cleaning the spacer thoroughly with brake pad cleaner or isopropyl alcohol before putting it anywhere near your pads. 

All work is carried out by Cytech trained mechanics. Why not take a look at our blog post on Bike Transport Tips.