Bike Transport Tips

Bike Transport Tips

In this advice article we run through some bike transport tips.  Some simple ideas to make transporting your bike a breeze. Some will be useful for people travelling by car and others more suited to vans. Each day we’ll be adding something new, so please do keep checking back to find out more.

Wheel Bags

Having to take the wheel (or wheels) off your bike while transporting it is the reality for most people. I’m sure we have all faced the problem of what to do when they’ve been removed. You don’t want them rolling around or resting on top of your bike where the wheel or bike could get damaged.

To solve this problem we strongly recommend getting some wheel bags. You can purchase them on the internet for less than £10. There is also the option to spend a bit more and get some with extra padding. (We love the Hope wheel bags). Once your wheel is in a bag, apart from protecting it, they can also be used for padding. They are also great for storing your dirty wheels and can even be used for protecting your bike from the ground when you lift it from your vehicle. 

Brake Brake Spacers

Disc Brake Spacer

After you have transported your bike, it can be really annoying trying to reinstall your wheel only to find that your brake lever has been knocked. Now, the brake pads are too close together and your disc won’t fit in between. If this is something you find is happening all the time it may be worth buying the tool to push pistons apart, which is a really useful to keep in your home tool box.

However, there is a way to stop this happening in the first place. Disc brake spacers which you can buy on the internet for less than £5. These handy pieces of plastic take up the space where your disc was. So if your brake is accidentally pulled the pistons won’t be able to over extend. 

You can also make some spacers at home, out of a milk bottle. We have created some instructions which you can view now. 

Karcher Pressure Washer

Our next bike transport tip is all about keeping your pride and joy clean. After a ride in the UK it is likely that you will finish with your bike covered in mud. So it’s great to be able to get it clean before putting it back in the car. To do this we like to use a portable pressure washer like the Karcher OC3. 

The Karcher OC3 pressure washer comes with a 4 litre water tank and a rechargeable battery which will provide up to 20 minutes of run time. So it is great for cleaning your bike in remote locations. However, if you have access to a car battery and a water source then can wash for as long as you like. 

The OC3 will deliver up to 5 bar pressure which is perfect for cleaning bikes as it will remove the mud however, not enough to blast water into your bearings or cause any damage to components. There is also the option to get a range of different brush mounts. 

Of course, we do have a collection and drop off service to take the stress out of having to get your bike to shop.  We will even use some of these tips to protect your bike!.  Full details on our collection service are here. All work is carried out by Cytech qualified mechanics.